A cell phone has gone much beyond its evolution as a mode of communication. An iPhone is a device that everyone aspires to own. It is no less than a revolution. With various applications easing out tasks, the dependence on an iPhone has increased many folds. Organizing personal and professional tasks has become a lot easier and has simplified lives. Coupled with the advent of the internet, iPhone has become irreplaceable. Social presence has increased due to the easy access of social media platforms. Since the dependence has increased, a lot of data and information is stored in the iPhones. Personal memories including pictures, videos, messages and professional data are all contained in the iPhones. So it becomes paramount that one is careful regarding how one secures the iPhones.

What if your iPhone is dead?


Keeping in mind the extent to which an iPhone has entered into both the personal and professional fronts of one’s life, it is extremely important to secure the data on your iPhone. There are certain conditions under which your favorite iPhone may stop working or may not respond to your commands. It is said to be dead when it stops responding to your commands and even stops responding to charge. Although, it is a fearing moment watching your favorite phone not responding and putting all your stored data at risk. One must not panic as even if your iPhone is dead, the data is not lost and can still be retrieved.

How to retrieve data when the iPhone is dead?

When your iPhone is not responding to your commands and is dead, there is no reason for panic. There are options to retrieve the data saved on your iPhone. There are various applications or third-party programs available which can help you retrieve your data including text messages and all the pictures and videos. Once you have finalized the application or the program that you would be using to retrieve the data, there are a series of steps that you need to follow:

  1. Launch the chosen application and install it on your system. Connect your iPhone to the system through your cable. Once you connect it, although your iPhone might not respond, an interface will appear on your screen with various options.
  2. There will be a scan option being shown on the screen. Click on the ‘Start Scan’ option which will initiate a scan of your iPhone and all the data and media stored in it. The scan shall run for a few minutes to discover all the data stored in it.
  3. Once the scan is complete, most applications and programs display the entire data under different categories such as messages, contacts, camera, etc. Once all the media have been displayed, you may pick and choose which data to save and where, by choosing the Recover or save option.

Once all these steps have been followed, all your data has been recovered and is safe. So, do not panic. Wait, choose the right program and act with prudence.

My iPhone died- Can they recover my data?

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