Data recovery is the process of handling data that has been corrupted, damaged or deleted on your hard drive and trying to salvage any information possible. The causes of data loss can range from simple errors like accidentally deleting a file. All the way to complicated issues like physical damage.

Do It Yourself With Recovery Software

The most common way to recover data is by installing a software that is designed specifically to find any lost information. The process is simple, once the software is installed it locates the deleted or damaged files than copies them to another disk. Sounds easy enough, right? Most of the time it is usually that easy but in more dire situations like when there has been physical damage to the storage device then it’s time to call in the professionals.

For More Complex Damage See a Specialist


Specialized data recovery companies use special tools and equipment that everyday computer users don’t have access to. Once experts have determined the cause of data loss, they can then use their tools in the process of recovering it. If your hardware has physical damage then you can expect that process to be long and rather costly. In order to recover data from a damaged storage device specialized companies have to first restore your device to working condition. Then see if they can recover any data. Once your data is recovered it is then backed up to a secondary storage device that you can use to access your files.

If you think you need to see a specialist you should first check your devices warranty. Data recovery can be quite expensive. So, if your manufacturer offers recovery services under their warranty you may be able to send your device to them. But, you should make sure that they offer recovery services and won’t just reformat your storage device. If they do you could end up losing all of your data. If you are not sure the safest and most efficient option is using a data recovery company.

No one looks forward to losing vital information due to software failure, human error, or any other reason. Fortunately these are the times when specialized companies excel. So, if you find yourself with a damaged storage device or not being able to find that file you could have sworn you saved just take a deep breath and relax. Your philadelphia data recovery company can handle it all.


If You’ve Lost Critical Data You Need A Specialized Company To Recover It

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